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Congratulations to the 2015-2016 WSA Leadership Board: President: Kate Cullen ’16 Vice President: Aidan Martinez ’17 Chief-of-Staff: Henry Vansant ’18 Student Budget Committee Chair: Evelysse Vargas ’17 Communications Coordinator: Martin Malabanan ’16 Student Life Coordinator: Nila Ravi ’18 Academic Affairs Coordinator: vacant Look out for more information on September 2015 member elections and our new […]

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Bolded items passed. Constitutional Review Item 1: WSA Reorganization: Passes 169 to 42 Item 2: Create a Bicameral Assembly: Passes 153 to 58 Item 3: WSA Financial Aid Stipend: Passes 168 to 43 Class of 2016 Madison Moore: 35 No write-in candidate garnered sufficient votes.  Class of 2017 Evelysse Vargas: 86 Adam Macalister: 68 George Pollack: 62 Rizwan […]

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WSA President Election
Kate Cullen: 589
Madison Moore: 188
WSA Vice-President Election
Aidan Martinez: 572
Victoria Hammitt: 207

Senior Class Officer Election
Ellen Paik: 103
Julio Angel: 84
Michelle Lee: 66
Martin Malabanan: …

Kate Cullen ’16 (WSA President Candidate) Refresh Wes: I am running with Aidan Martinez to revolutionize the idea of student government and implement comprehensive reforms to the institutional structure of WSA. This community has given me so much and I want to make it the best it can be. After two years on WSA I’ve […]

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WSA President & Vice President Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors can run; All class years can vote Senior Class 2015 President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer Only 2016 can run and vote The mandatory candidates meeting will be held on Thursday, April 2 at 5:00PM in 41 Wyllys Room 115. Petitions for president and vice president, petitions for senior class officers, and election rules are linked and copies can also be found in the WSA Office […]

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Martin Malabanan
Full Year

Nila Ravi
Full Year

Bryan Stascavage
Full Year

Adam Macalister
Half Year

Christi Pak
Half Year

Andrew Hirsh


Resolution 2.36

On November 2nd of this year, a resolution was passed by the WSA in an attempt to promote transparency and communication at Wesleyan. This resolution was passed in order to strengthen the communication between the administration and students, and to elevate the feeling that students know who is running their school and making the decisions […]

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Winter 2014 Election There are five (5) spots for At-large Representatives open to students from 2015, 2016, and 2017. The first three (3) vote-getters will receive full-year terms, the next (2) will receive semester-length terms. To run:  1.  Collect 25 signatures on an election petition. Petitions are available in the WSA Office in Usdan or here. Petitions […]

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This past Sunday, October 12th, the Wesleyan Student Assembly took part in Bystander Intervention training with Tonya Purdy and Alysha Warren. We addressed our own barriers to intervention, discussed potential strategies for intervening, and thought about the kind of community we want to build. Bystander intervention goes beyond helping a drunk friend or intervening in […]

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Today is National Voter Registration Day, and with elections quickly approaching the Wesleyan Student Assembly has partnered with TurboVote to make voting easier for the Wesleyan community. When you sign up at the link below, you will be able to access everything you need to register to vote, stay registered to vote if you move, […]

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