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Wesleyan’s Freeman Asian Scholars gathered for group photos, a reception and dinner Oct. 7 at the Center for the Arts. The Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship Program provides full-tuition toward a bachelor’s degree for up to 11 exceptional Asian students annually from the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

This program is made possible by Wesleyan and the Freeman Foundation, which aims to improve understanding and strengthen ties between the United States and the countries and regions of the Pacific Rim.

Read more: http://newsletter.blogs.wesleyan.edu/2016/10/10/freemanasianscholars/

Foggy morning at Wesleyan, Oct. 6. 

Students enjoy the fifth day of fall, Sept. 26 at Wesleyan University. 

Summer Session classes at #Wesleyan, June 10. 

Say cheese!
During Reunion & Commencement Weekend 2016, several alumni, students, families and friends stopped by the THISISWHY Photo Booth for a quick pic. Feel free to tag yourself and friends.

Blooms and campus buildings, May 25 at Wesleyan University. 

Spring time at #Wesleyan, April 21. 

Blooms on campus, April 20 at #Wesleyan University. 

Happy Valentines Day to Wesleyan Class of 2003 alumni Amy and Tom Hodgman! Their story, told by Amy, is below: 

“We met our freshman year. We both lived in Clark Hall, but on different floors. We met that winter at a mutual friends party in his quad. Tom and I both remember Tom trying to pat my leg or something else semi flirtatious, and sadly I was not at all interested. (Stupid me)

By senior year we had the same group of friends and often hung out. At a Valentine’s Day senior cocktails after the lens of Tom’s glasses fell out and got crushed on the dance floor, we ‘blindly’ got together. I don’t think we ever had a formal date, but we did have a romantic meet up during blizzard Daniel where we walked to meet each other in the snow. I actually remember telling my mom before spring break that I thought I would marry him. I was right, it just took six years. 

After college we lived in Colorado (Boulder and Denver) and then after that Chicago. Then onto New Haven. In 2008, right before our 5th reunion, Tom gave into my never ending pressure to propose, and we were married at the boathouse in Hartford on July 18, 2009. We promptly moved to Seattle for a year and then back to New York and then finally to Evanston.

We have a

22-month-old named Aquinnah (named after my favorite Martha’s Vineyard town) and a 4-and-a-half-year-old son named Sam. His middle name is Wesley- after Wesleyan where all of the magic happened!  

Happy Valentines Day to alumni Meredith ‘98 and Nick ’97 Hoffa, who met 22 years ago at Wesleyan! Their story is below:

NICK: I saw Meredith at a party at Alpha Delt early one December her freshman year. Meredith denies this but I remember boys draped all over her. I approached my friend Makaela Kingsley and asked if she knew who that person was and if she was dating anyone. Makaela lied, said Meredith wasn’t, and introduced us. I went home that night and told my friends I met the person I was going to marry.

MER: We chatted for awhile, and I thought he was really very sweet – but I thought he was REALLY sweet when a couple days later I got a voicemail from him asking if 1) I remembered him, and 2) if I wanted to have dinner. Like an old fashioned gentleman! I started asking around about him.

NICK: I think one of her RA’s gave me the highest compliment: “Nick Hoffa? Totally not a scammer.”

MER: “A football player, but also in the Spirits!” many people said. The best response was from someone who said, “I knew it was just a matter of time before the two of you would meet.”

NICK: For the rest of December I stalked her.

MER: He came to my “Directed Experiences in Acting” performance, the Winter Dance Concert, drove to Boston during break to take me out. By the start of second semester we were a thing.

NICK: One night a few months later on Andrus Field she told me she loved me. Other than the time we broke up for one day but got back together right after Introductory Astronomy, we have been together ever since.

MER: A mere eight years later we were married – with many of our beloved Wes friends in attendance. We live in L.A. and have two kids – who will go to Wesleyan, obviously – and are so deeply grateful that we crossed paths on a cold winter night at the school we both adore so.

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