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http://wesleyanadmissions.tumblr.com/   This is the new, more ‘hip’ (lol) Tumblr for wes. Check it out ^^^

FALL 2010 — FALL 2012: 1. lol totally not writing a thesis 2. why would anyone do that to themselves WINTER BREAK 2012: 1. wait should I write a thesis? 2. no, I’m not capable of writing a hundred pages. 3. why would anyone do that to themselves SPRING 2013: 1. huh. psych research is […]

Georgia on my Mind

Aaaaaaannnnnddddd we’re back. First Monday back and we have almost made it through. It is certainly a tricky transition from the long days of sleep and general laziness to the jam-packed craziness that is life at Wes. Yet despite the return to the Connecticut cold, it is beginning to feel like Wesleyan spring. It is […]

Two weeks seems like an extended break, but when you break (hah) the time down it really isn’t. Especially if one or both of those weeks are spent on vacation, in one sense or another, so you’ve only got so much or no time to “get shit done”. Which is why I am making perhaps […]

Flan is delicious. But that’s not what this is about. (Unfortunately.) I know. I know, friends. It’s time to talk about that thing which gives college students anxiety and is eerily similar to applying to college all over again — SUMMER INTERNSHIPS!!!   There is no real reason why a dog with a party hat […]

I’m not sure if I’m still acclimating to life back at Wes, or if from now on I will just have this forever-condition of not really clicking back in. I still feel weird about it. Perhaps since I took a semester to be in the real world (well, relatively, because being in Japan for study […]

PUPPIES! And stuff

Firstly, this is pretty hysterical Hormones of Wes If you’re looking for some good, Wesleyan humor, this is exemplary. So mostly this posit is going to be about puppies, one in particular. I did do other stuff. Like go to sign house last and play with Kate and Daniel. And all the roomies. But most […]

The Sophomore Condition

I believe that I have complained about this in a previous post, but sorting out a summer that promises to be fun, beneficial, educational, and possibly even lucrative (but let’s be real, probably not) is extremely difficult. As the month of February draws to a close, and all of those March 1st deadlines are right […]

Summer at Wesleyan

First of all, I had zero interest in staying over the summer until a last-minute decision at the end of my sophomore year when the opportunity arose and I kind of just said that I’d do it. I didn’t really know anyone well that was staying, and with a significantly reduced population on campus (mind […]

What is a thesis, exactly?  Dictionary.com defines it as follows: [thee-sis] noun, plural the·ses “A dissertation on a particular subject in which one has done original research, as one presented by a candidate for a diploma or degree.” I’m afraid I must disagree. You see, the acclaimed and award-winning website CarinaIsAmazing.com provides this definition: [thee-sis] noun, plural the·ses “A life-draining force that consumes […]

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