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Wesleyan University’s midsemester recess, otherwise known as spring break, began with a snowy start on March 10. Classes will resume on March 27. 

While students are away on Winter Recess, Wesleyan University received a few inches of snow Jan. 6, 2017.

It’s snowing, Oct. 27 at Wesleyan University! 

A snowy start to spring, March 21 at #Wesleyan University. 

Icy morning at Wesleyan, Feb. 16. 

Many Wesleyan students are all smiles during today’s snowstorm, Feb. 5. 

Snowy morning at Wesleyan, Feb. 5. 

Winter wonderland at Wesleyan, Feb. 5. 

It’s finally winter at Wesleyan! Several students made it to Foss Hill for some sledding this weekend after a snowstorm hit Connecticut on Jan. 23. 

A dusting of snow fell on Wesleyan’s barren campus overnight. University housing opens for undergraduates on Jan. 19, with spring semester classes starting Jan. 21. Who misses Wes? 

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