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Thinking of studying abroad…

Imagine this: you’re strolling down an ancient pathway, in awe as you gaze at the Alhambra–a legendary palace and fortress– towering over you. A little later, you’re in a Moroccan marketplace, surrounded by desert and snow-capped mountains. Next weekend, you’re in Rome, waving up at the Pope and splashing in the Trevi fountain. Or: waking […]

Now that you’re browsing WesMaps and thinking about which courses to take, you may be brimming with questions and wondering what kind of advising resources will be available to you once you get on campus. This post will serve as a Q and A to answer some of these anticipated questions…and give you plenty of […]

Dear Student Group Leaders, Hope you all had a great end to the year!  As we move from one school year to the next, please try to make effective transitions so that your student group can have the most successful experience next year. Share tips and tricks for managing the group, acquiring funding, etc. Send successors […]

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Heal in the company of others: The Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group (SASS) will be held on Tuesdays beginning October 2nd-December 4th from 5:45-7:00pm. SASS is open to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. Meetings will follow an open support group format and participants determine group topics each week. Contact Alysha B. […]

WeSupport is a 6-session workshop offered by Counseling and Psychological Services and Active Minds.  In a series of six 1-hour discussions, we will train students to be peer mental health advocates.  Participating students will learn about a variety of mental health topics, become familiar with the signs a friend or acquaintance may be in distress, […]

First Years and Transfers, I hope the first day of Orientation was enjoyable! Now, down to business… In addition to all the other orientation events (hall meetings, public/fire safety meetings, etc.) there are three important academic meetings for you to attend today and tomorrow. These are your group meeting with your Faculty Advisor and all […]

Meet Your Orientation Interns

While the majority of undergraduates departed Ol’ Wes for summer vacation a little over a month ago, several remain. Among these students are summer session attendees, those aiding professors with research projects, and a select group of interns working for the administration. Today I have the honor of introducing you to four students from the […]

Scheduling Tomorrow!

At this point your course plan has (hopefully) been approved by your academic advisor and you’re waiting for the Registrar’s Office to run the scheduling program. By tomorrow afternoon, you’ll be able to view the courses you’re …

This Tuesday at 7PM (aka tomorrow) in 41 Wyllys (aka “Squash Building” right by Usdan) Room 112, there will be an insightful First Year Focus event where you can ask all of your questions regarding the Pre-Reg process – which started today – an…


Are you in recovery and searching for a supportive space at Wesleyan? If you are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs, you are not alone. Recovery@ is a network of students, staff and faculty who gather for mutual support as they navigate the particular challenges of recovery at Wesleyan.  Our primary purpose is to stay clean […]

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