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There is an attachment that goes with this that you should delete.  And note the poor grammar and incomplete sentences.   From: Apple Inc. [mailto:asignn-experience29@mail-icloud-manage.com]  <—– Not a valid Apple address Sent: Friday, May 12, 2017 12:06 PM Subject: Order Confirmation   Recently we made a payment and purchase with a different billing, we inform […]

Seniors:  Please complete mandatory exit sessions for your Direct and/or Perkins Loan(s) by Monday, May 22. (For questions related to your Direct loans, please contact the FA Office at finaid@wesleyan.edu; for Perkins-related questions email hhaldezos@wesleyan.edu.)  

The following Phish has not hit us, yet. However, it is being reported at several colleges and thought it best to make this available before we see examples, here. The link in this picture/screenshot does not go to anywhere in University of Michigan si…

Congratulations—you will soon be a Wesleyan alum! As you prepare for your departure from campus, I want to invite you to become an ambassador for Wesleyan and join the ranks of WAAV (Wesleyan Alumni Admission Volunteers). WAAV activities include representing Wesleyan at local college fairs, conducting interviews with prospective students, attending admission receptions, and acting […]

The 2016-17 Wesleyan University Patricelli Center Fellows jumped for joy during their end-of-the-year celebration on May 9.

In Fall 2016, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship launched a for-credit, cohort-style, project-based fellowship pilot program (CSPL 264 and 265) for 36 students.

Meet all the Patricelli Center Fellows:  bit.ly/meet-the-fellows.

Hundreds of Wesleyan University students had the opportunity to present their academic research at various poster sessions in March and April. Posters often contain text, graphics and images that illustrate the students’ research results on a single board. Poster session attendees can view the posters and interact with the author.

This year, the Psychology Department, College of the Environment, Biology Department, Neuroscience and Behavior Program, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division, Quantitative Analysis Center and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences hosted poster sessions. Read more.

6 buildings had their wired connections interrupted after a software problem on their switches this morning: Admission Fisk GLS Astronomy Clark ITS (Exley) Some buildings are already back online.  The rest should be fully restored in 30-45 minutes.

Spring campus, May 4 at Wesleyan University. 

This is a slight twist on yesterday’s reported GoogleDoc attack.  Please, if you are expect a GoogleDoc from someone then call and verify they sent it to you. Do not just click the link as chances are very high it is the phishing attack and your account and computer will be compromised. From: Campus Community […]

From address: Hhhhhhhhhhh@mailinator.com There is an attachment to the email but PLEASE, DO NOT click it. The attachment runs a script that will in effect, hijack your google account, lock you out of it and make all of your data in your Google Drive vulnerable to reading and theft. I don’t have an example of an […]

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