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By Keren Alshanetsky ’17

[Anna Roberts-Gevalt ’06] Anna Roberts-Gevalt ’06 is part of the folk duo Anna & Elizabeth with her collaborator, ballad singer Elizabeth Laprelle. The two consider themselves historians and storytellers as well as musicians, and aim to illustrate the stories that accompany their songs.

Singing and playing traditional music that has either been passed down to them by elders or gathered from archives, ethnography plays hugely into their art. Their performances have thus relied on telling stories with the visual aid of a scrolling picture show, moving panorama, or what is commonly known in this context as a “crankie.”

This tool helps to illustrate the old songs they sing. Roberts-Gevalt recounts first being introduced to a crankie while she was a student at Wesleyan University:

“It was so amazing. And then when I was finishing up at Wesleyan I got the costume designer lady to let me do an independent study for a credit called, like, ‘Visual Interpretations of Ballads,’ ” Roberts-Gevalt told me recently. “And then it just kind of sat in my closet for a couple years, before I met Elizabeth.”

In her conception, this apparatus helps to express what is lost when folk music is taken out of its traditional setting and put onstage:

“We’re basically taking this music out of context and presenting it. I think that’s totally OK to do. You can put it in a new context and that can be really exciting. But part of what I think the players are drawn to is the context. Part of what I loved about folk music at the beginning was, ‘Wow, here’s the type of music that people play for fun, with their friends, with their parents and grandparents.’ It’s a way of being, a social thing.”

Anna & Elizabeth are currently on tour in the United States, Canada and the UK through May 2017. Check out their tour stops here.

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Image: c/o Cowan Creek Mountain Music School

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The Government Department, in collaboration with the Wes Media Project, are hosting a two-day conference on issues related to the 2016 Election Results. A full schedule of events is included below. No registration is required, however, seats may be limited so it is suggested you arrive early for any panels you would like to attend.

All panels will be hosted in Allbritton 311.

Sunday, December 4

  • 8:00 pm: “2016 Election Overview”
    • The opening session will review what happened in voting/the polls, advertising/campaigning and media
    • Panelists: Brian Schaffner (UMass, Amherst), Wesleyan Media Project & Center for Responsive Politics Representatives and John Yang ’80 (PBS NewsHour Correspondent)


Monday, December 5

  • 9:00-10:20 am:Media, Communication & the Election
    • Panelists will discuss how media coverage played a role in the Trump victory, how factual corrections work (or don’t) in the Trump era, how mobile is shifting news consumption, and how moral words shape emotional responses
    • Panelists: Danny Hayes (GWU), Brendan Nyhan (Dartmouth), Johanna Dunaway (Texas A&M), Keena Lipsitz (Queens College)
  • 10:30-11:50 am:Political Psychology: Gender, Race, Authoritarianism & Intolerance
    • Panelists will discuss the role of gender and feminism, explicit racism and efforts to combat it, how authoritarianism operates and how anger and anxiety shape intolerance in the 2016 election and beyond
    • Panelists: Antoine Banks (UMD), Leonie Huddy (Stony Brook), Matthew MacWilliams (UMass, Amherst), Kathleen Searles (LSU)
  • 1-2:20pm:Campaign Finance, Special Interests & Outside Influence
    • Panelists will discuss what we know about spending and dark money in federal races this election cycle, whether money mattered, and how voting patterns spill over into consumer decisions and corporate/brand loyalty
    • Panelists: Center for Responsive Politics Representatives, Doug Spencer (UConn), Ciara Torres-Spelliscy (Stetson University), Jennifer Victor (George Mason University)
  • 2:30-4pm:Governing After the Election
    • Panelists will discuss what impact the results of the 2016 election are likely to have on our institutions and their ability to govern and on substantive policies like immigration.
    • Panelists: Frances Lee (UMD), Kathryn Pearson (UMN), Adriano Udani (U Missouri-St. Louis), Paul Collins (UMass, Amherst)

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Hey 2017’ers,

 As we get started on this Thanksgiving Break week, I wanted to remind you about a number of things:

1)  The last day of Adjustment is Tuesday, November 22 at 5 p.m.  Make sure to submit ranked enrollment requests for courses you want, and check your credit analysis to make sure that you will not be oversubscribed and will meet graduation requirements by the end of the spring semester.

2) The last day to withdraw from a semester or second-quarter is Friday, December 2, which is the Friday after classes resume. 

Consult with your profs about where you are in each course and talk with your faculty advisor if you are thinking about a withdrawal.  Make sure that it will not put you in an untenable credit situation or jeopardize you completing your major. 

 You can pick up a withdrawal form from my office or the Registrar’s or print one out from the Student Affairs website under Useful Forms.  Get the signature of your instructor and faculty advisor before mine (the class dean signs last). 

 3)  The last day of classes is Friday, December 9, followed by the reading period, with exams beginning Tuesday, December 13 at 7 p.m. and ending on Saturday, December 17.  (Hard to believe you will have finished with your last fall semester as an undergrad at Wesleyan!)

 4)  Housing closes at noon on Sunday, December 18.  ResLife says:

 Seniors living in woodframes:  If you would like to stay in your wood frame house at any point during the break, you must      register by Saturday, December 17, with Residential Life.

 Seniors in apartments or non-woodframe residences:  Students who are approved to remain on-campus are international students, approved winter athletes, or have valid on-campus employment or special circumstances. The only students approved to return for research are seniors working on their thesis, and the application for early return was due on Friday, November 18, 2016.

 5)  Plan now for the last two weeks of classes and finals, and carve out some time over break for reconnection and rejuvenation.  You will need to be ready to go when classes resume on November 28.  After three years of fall semesters, you know how these last few weeks fly by!

 Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns, and know that I am always happy to meet with you.

 Have a good Thanksgiving!  Best, Dean Brown 



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Students from the WSA, as well as staff members from the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships, worked together to help register about 300 Wesleyan students to vote in the 2016 election. Check out the summary for a full report!


VAA Review-2 FINAL

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Our Discovery AfterSchool Instructors share stories from their classes in this guest blog series Discovery AfterSchool Stories. For more information on our AfterSchool Program, please visit – http://wesleyan.edu/greenstreet/youth/afterschool.html.

By Katie Murray and Justin Ali

Justin and KidsIn Science Club, this semester five energetic young scientists have explored animals, the environment, phase changes, and chemical reactions.

During our first meeting, we studied density and tried to mix water, oil, and molasses only to find out that their differing densities caused them to stack on top of each other.

The next week, we switched gears and went on a short field trip to Green Street’s outdoor garden to collect flowers, seeds, tomatoes, and herbs so that we could dissect them and map out the parts of our plants.

We spent several weeks looking at phase changes and defining liquids, solids, and gases. We mixed baking soda with different liquids in order to see which combinations reacted to form a gas. We found out that baking soda and vinegar made lots of bubbles and created a chemical reaction. Later on, the students made oobleck to explore how cornstarch and water interact to make something that is not quite solid, but is not completely liquid either. One week we even made some tasty butter out of heavy cream to show how energy can sometimes be used to induce phase changes and turn liquids into a solids.

Science Club is a lot of fun to teach because the kids come in each week excited to experiment, learn, and watch science in action. We love teaching this class because it helps dispel negative views that science is too boring or too difficult to be fun and opens the door for students to become interested in exploring and learning how things work.

Katie and Kids

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Go to the Memorial Chapel on Saturday  at 6:00PM for the premier performance of the

Women’s Bandura Ensemble of North America.

It will be an extraordinary and moving concert of singing and instrumental music.

The bandura has long been the voice and soul of Ukraine, its strings echoing the nation’s turbulent history.

Structurally, the bandura is similar to the lute and the harp, and usually has around 60 strings.  Please join us!

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Connecting body, spirit and well being.

DAC COURTYARD in the CFA, 4pm Friday.

As our diverse campus community in a multitude of ways processes the election results, we wanted to offer students, faculty and staff an opportunity to come together for contemplation and healing. We intend to share embodied and mindful practices from the worlds of dance, movement, and music. All are welcome.

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From ENGAGE and the Allbritton Center.

Link to Full Calendar of Events: Responding to the 2016 Presidential Election | ENGAGE – Wesleyan University

In the wake of the historic 2016 presidential election, we believe that civic engagement — in its many forms — is more important than ever. To that end, we will maintain this calendar of campus and community events related to the election and its aftermath.

International Students May Especially Be Interested In:

The Trump Presidency and International Students: A Conversation 11/17  6:30-8:30 pm, Allbritton 311 Open to anyone; please RSVP to moreyes@wesleyan.edu

Link to Full Calendar of Events: Responding to the 2016 Presidential Election | ENGAGE – Wesleyan University

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The Allbritton Center is the hub of civic engagement at Wesleyan.  We study public life, actively partner with the local and regional community, and teach practical skills for social impact.

In the wake of the historic 2016 presidential election, we believe that civic engagement — in its many forms — is more important than ever. To that end, we will maintain this calendar of campus and community events related to the election and its aftermath.

We will cross-post events that we find elsewhere, and we urge you to contact us if you have any to add.

We are committed to transparency, open discourse, and the safety and well-being of all our community members. We hope to post all events that we learn about, but we reserve the right to screen accordingly.

Bolded events are those held on Wesleyan’s campus; inclusion of an event does not equal endorsement.

Event Date Time/Place Audience?
Sociology Majors pizza lunch & discussion 11/15 12:00-1:00 pm, PAC 421 Sociology majors only
Mass Meeting: Showing Up Against Hate in a Post Trump World 11/15 6:00-8:00 pm, Unitarian Society of Hartford (Hartford, CT) Open to anyone 
We’ll Be Watching (sign making and photo campaign) 11/15  11:00 am-2:00 pm, Usdan Open to anyone 
Discussion with students involved at Allbritton 11/16 11:50 am-1:10 pm, Allbritton 311 Students involved at Allbritton (Alls) and their guests
New Haven Stands with Standing Rock at TD Bank 11/16 4:30-6:00 pm, 994 Chapel Street, New Haven  Open to anyone
Post-Election Climate Dialogue 11/16  6:30-8:00 pm, Exley 150 Open to anyone
Classroom, office & campus experiences and strategies  11/17  12:00 pm, Woodhead Lounge  Open to faculty only
Your Call to Action: Info Session on Wesleyan’s Phone Bank 11/17 4:30-5:30 pm, location TBA Open to students
The Trump Presidency and International Students: A Conversation 11/17  6:30-8:30 pm, Allbritton 311 Open to anyone
Anti-Trump March and Demo 11/18 6:00-8:00 pm, Downtown New Haven on the Green Open to anyone
Community Organizing Conference 11/19 11:00 am-3:00 pm, Bridgeport Public Library (Bridgeport, CT) Open to anyone; register online (agenda also available)
A Leftist Response to Trump Teach-In 11/20 3:30-5:00 pm, Woodhead Lounge Open to anyone
Donations for Standing Rock now – 11/22 Outside of Weshop Open to anyone; food and cash donations accepted
Not My President 1/20/17 all day, U.S. Capitol Building Open to anyone
Women’s March on Washington- National Page 1/21/17  10:00 am-5:00 pm, Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC Open to anyone

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