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Monthly Archive for February, 2017

If you are a senior who has engaged with foreign-language study while at Wesleyan, the rationale below will help you explain to prospective employers the skills you have gained through such a course of study. Why Foreign-Language Study is a Good Idea for Every Student   We assume if you have reasons to learn a particular language (to […]

The Gordon Career Center Launches a New Funding Initiative for Students  The Gordon Career Center has announced their launch of a new student funding initiative called the Career Development Grant. This serves as an expansion (and replacement) of the old SuitUp fund. Students can still ask for funding to cover interview attire, but they may […]

Pregunta del Ismaelillo

¿De qué manera representa el poema el espíritu americano y la libertad que ofrece?

A Roosevelt

Cómo el contraste entre los Estados Unidos y la América fortalece su argumente en contra el poder de Roosevelt y los Estados Unidos? Específicamente, cómo Darío utiliza la edad de los Estados Unidos y la edad de la América para fortalecer su argumento?

Friends of the Wesleyan Library Undergraduate Research Prize The Friends of the Wesleyan Library are happy to announce the launch of an undergraduate research prize. The research project, widely conceived, can be from any undergraduate course taken in Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Winter 2017 from currently enrolled Wesleyan students. Honors theses are […]

Una Pregunta Para A Roosevelt

En A Roosevelt, Dario establece una dicotomía entre América y los Estados Unidos a través de varios símbolos que distinguen las dos tierras. ¿Por qué se eligen y cómo se utilizan estos símbolos de historia para crear esta dicotomía?

Our Discovery AfterSchool Instructors share stories from their classes in this guest blog series Discovery AfterSchool Stories. For more information on our AfterSchool Program, please visit – http://wesleyan.edu/greenstreet/youth/afterschool.html. By: Anna Flurry The Time Traveler’s Club began the AfterSchool semester with a trip to ancient Egypt!! The kids got to learn about the Nile, the pyramids, […]

Intern with an International Healthcare Nonprofit, IndoAmerican Volunteer Networks, with Wes alum Nadeem Modan, MD, Executive Director, and class of 2010. BackgroundIndoAmerican Volunteer Networks is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2007. We serve as consultants to Indian nonprofits that are seeking to improve and expand the services they provide, with a particular focus on healthcare.…

This series, called “Reflections,” features guest posts by students involved at the Allbritton Center (see a previous reflection by Alex Garcia ’17). They may be taking a service-learning class, engaged in community partnership work, DJ’ing at WESU, teaching at Green Street, pursuing the Civic Engagement Certificate, tutoring at the Center for Prison Education, working on…

Juan Miguel de Rosas era un hombre que parecía ser un salvador de los gauchos excluidos en la sociedad, sin embargo, en realidad, simplemente utilizó al grupo marginado y los explotó para el trabajo y el apoyo incondicional en sus movimientos para ganar poder militar y control político en Argentina.   Los gauchos eran un […]

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