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Monthly Archive for February, 2011

On Wesleyan’s Special Collections and Archives blog, Cordelia Hyland ’13 writes about her work processing the Sheila Tobias Collection of Women’s Studies Ephemera: For the past semester I have been slowly working my way through Special Collections and Archives’s collection of Sheila Tobias’s papers.  The collection of Women’s Studies ephemera — newspaper articles, women’s conference programs, academic […]

Ed Roberson’s book, To See the Earth Before the End of the World, is a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, in the Poetry category. Read about all the finalists here.

Posted for Jessica Susanne Rhodes Correct me if this doesn’t happen to all of us, but as recent MBA graduate my dreams are filled with newspaper articles. Maybe it was Wesleyan’s obsession with crosswords that did this to me. Business week’s, “MBA Job Outlook Dims,” shifts to Glen Beck handing me a Business Insider saying, […]

The latest film by director Miguel Arteta ’89, Cedar Rapids (Fox Searchlight Pictures), opened to positive reviews in mid-February after being well-received at the Sundance Film Festival. The comedy, written by Wisconsin native Phil Johnston, stars Ed Helms (The Office) as an earnest insurance salesman who is asked by his small town firm to attend […]

Dreading the long weekend of studying that lies ahead? Have no fear! You can get a healthy, tasty treat to help you study by coming to Brighter Dawns’ Snack Pack Sale, this Sunday 2/27! Snack Packs will be on sale for $2 each at the following times and locations: Usdan: 5pm-8pm Olin: 7pm-12am Sci-Li: 7pm-12am […]

Wesleyan on Twitter

The CFA has just joined Twitter, and recently the Wesleyan Library did too. Below is a list of Wesleyan Twitter accounts to check out. Please let us know of any others in the comments. Center For the Arts (CFA) @WesCFA Information Technology Services (ITS) @wes_itsinfo Library News @WesLibNews New Media Lab @WesMediaLab The Wesleyan Media […]

Posted for Akiko Hatakeyama Akiko Hatakeyama, a graduate student composer in the Music program, will present her multimedia pieces with acoustic instruments, analog synthesizer, videos, and interactive systems utilizing SuperCollider and Max/MSP/Jitter. Guest performers are Aleksandra Miglowiec, Joseph Getter, Benjamin Klein and Eoin Callery. Date: February 26 • Time: 6 p.m. • Venue: Memorial Chapel […]

In her lovely Encyclopedia of the Exquisite (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday), Jessica Kerwin Jenkins ’93 is inspired by exotic 16th-century encyclopedias, which celebrated mysterious artifacts, with emphasis on the elegant, the rare, the commonplace and the delightful. Jenkins’s modern-day version combines whimsy and practicality, as it showcases the fine arts and the worlds of fashion, food, travel, […]

I am seeking participants for an undergraduate Psychology research project. I am looking to conduct brief interviews with Wesleyan alumni about the memories they have of being participants in research while at Wesleyan. I am interested in the memories of this particular life-event, shared by many university graduates. The interview process will take no more […]

A three-show run of “Melancholy Play” by MacArthur Award-winner Sarah Ruhl opens Thursday at the CFA Theater in an all-Wesleyan production directed by visiting artist Michael Rau ’05. The performances follow Ruhl’s two-day visit to campus in mid-February, during which she met privately with Rau and the student cast to discuss her work. The play […]

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