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January 11th–12th, 2016, Open University in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom will hold a conference surrounding The Hidden Musicians by Ruth Finnegan, who is a music professor at the university. More information about this event can be found at here. The Hidden Musicians: Music-Making in an English Town, was originally published in 1989, but was reprinted by the Wesleyan University…

Nicholas Payton Trio

Grammy Award-winning trumpet virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton was born into a musical family in New Orleans. After touring with Elvin Jones, Mr. Payton made his major-label recording debut as a leader in 1994. Since then, Mr. Payton has consistently committed himself to developing his distinct voice and forging new musical frontiers. At Wesleyan, Mr. Payton performed […]

Fall Photos: Common Moment

The First Year Matters “Common Moment” was planned and produced by Wesleyan University’s Center for the Arts as part of New Student Orientation for the Class of 2019. Many cultures celebrate water as a life-giving force. In keeping with the “Feet to the Fire: Comparison”  theme, drummers and dancers representing several different cultures led students in […]

Artist in Residence and University Organist Ronald Ebrecht’s sixth annual opening of the Wesleyan concert calendar featured a lively recital of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, César Franck, Felix Mendelssohn, Charles-Marie Widor, and John Spencer Camp Professor of Music Neely Bruce on Friday, September 11, 2015 at 8:30pm in the Memorial Chapel. The concert also featured percussionist Anthony DeQuattro. The concert was preceded by […]

On Sept. 11, the Center for the Arts celebrated the student music scene at The MASH. Inspired by Fete de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, this fourth annual festival highlights Wesleyan’s student musicians. Due to the weather, the event took place inside Usdan University Center, Patricelli ‘92 Theater and Crowell Concert Hall. 

More than 15 bands performed including Locus, described as “one man with psychedelic textures and experimental beats;” Mom, a funky band full of post-pubescent mystery rock; Quasimodal, Wesleyan’s oldest co-ed A cappella group; Veeblefetzer, Wesleyan’s finest Klezmer ensemble; Lo-Qi, a rap duo “here to denounce corporate oppression;” Sleep Kid, a sea-punk group of musicians and magicians; and Sloopy Coos Canyon, who performes “pretty happy stuff about sometimes sad things,” among others.

This year, we are looking forward to introducing you to artists who are asking important questions about our world today, questioning why things are the way they are, and helping us to envision how they might be. Michelle Dorrance, described by the Chicago Tribune as “edgy, seductive and smart,” brings Dorrance Dance to the CFA […]

This event celebrated the river as a source of cultural inspiration and creativity. Locals spent an afternoon at Feet to the Fire: Riverfront Encounter, featuring live music, visual art installations, plein air painters, a kids’ activity zone, environmental education exhibits, as well as a craft fair and farmer’s market–all designed to bring you closer to the rich culture, […]

A pianist, composer, educator, author, and Artistic Director of Resonant Motion, “Noah Baerman is no stranger to aiming high” (David Adler, Village Voice). With a cast of instrumentalists and vocalists including alto saxophonist/flutist Kris Allen, vibraphonist Chris Dingman ’02, cellist and vocalist Melanie Hsu ’13, bassist Henry Lugo, Private Lessons Teacher and drummer Bill Carbone MA ’07, Ph.D. candidate, and vocalists Latanya Farrell, Claire Randall ’12, and Garth Taylor ’12, Mr. […]

University Professor of Music and dhalang (puppet master) Sumarsam and the Wesleyan Gamelan Ensemble, directed by Artist in Residence I.M. Harjito, presented a Javanese wayang kulit, the puppet play employing intricately carved leather puppets, accompanied by an ensemble of tuned-gongs, metallophones, two-stringed fiddle, xylophone, flute, and vocalists on April 24, 2015 in the World Music Hall. Click here to view the full album […]

Spring Photos: The Nile Project

The Connecticut premiere of The Nile Project featured a dozen musicians performing collaboratively composed songs drawn from the diverse styles and instruments of the countries along the Nile Basin—including Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Uganda—intertwining these traditions into a unified sound that is “joyous and even raucous” (NPR Music) on April 10, 2015 in Crowell Concert […]

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