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Monthly Archive for January, 2011

On a date TBA, Director Andrzej Krakowski will present his 2002 documentary “Farewell to My Country”. In 1968, following student demonstrations, Poland expelled the majority of what was remaining Jews of the once-largest Jewish settlement in the world, effectively ending over a thousand years’ history.  The few who were left behind had to blend into […]

“Education and Reason: How Much Do They Have to Do with One Another?” Russell House 4:30 pm, TODAY Nicholas Lemann is Dean and Henry R. Luce Professor at the Columbia University graduate School of Journalism. His writings include The Big Test, a history of the SAT and standardized testing in the U.S. and Redemption: The […]

Most people have had a moment of silence. Many may have tried an hour without talking, and some have even logged a day of silence, usually to raise awareness for a cause. On Sunday afternoon, Jan. 23, Connecticut Public Radio  featured an episode of The Promised Land, with host Majora Carter ’88 interviewing an environmental […]

Wesleyan presents the Ring Family Israeli Film Festival Feb. 10 –  April 7 (every Thursday). All movies will be screened at  Wesleyan University Center for  Film Studies, at the Goldsmith Family Cinema, 301 Washington Terrace, at 8 p.m. Admission is free. The Festival is organized by Dalit Katz, adjunct assistant professor of religion and cultural coordinator […]

Sign-up for the Fruit and Veggie Co-op to receive a selection of organic fruits and veggies every week this spring using points or cash! Each share is $150 or 150 points for the semester (works out to 10 weeks @ $15/week). You can also split a share with 2 people (75 points each) or 3 […]

Professor Magda Teter’s piece commenting on Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel” in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings places “blood libel” in historical context.  The piece “Putting ‘Blood Li…

Table Talk with Amy Bloom

Table Talk Most Thursdays 5-6 p.m. Shapiro Center, Lounge 318 Open to all Wesleyan Faculty, Staff and Students All things prose. Anything you want to discuss? Translation, problems with papers, letters you can’t bring yourself to write, expressions that puzzle you, books that you can’t finish (as a reader or a writer), anything to do […]

The New York Times Arts Beat writer Patricia Cohen highlighted Wesleyan’s new program for performance art curators last Friday under the headline, “At Wesleyan, a Program for Performance Art Curators.” Noting that the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance was “the first of its kind,” Cohen also added that “Danspace Project in New York City […]

The Center for Faculty Career Development welcomes Wesleyan faculty and staff to Academic (Technology) Roundtable meetings, co-sponsored with Olin Library and Information Technology Services. The weekly meetings aim to promote conversation, cooperation, and the sharing of information and resources among Wesleyan’s faculty and staff. The first A(T)R conversation will be held on Thursday, Jan. 27, […]

4:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 24 Russell House In an era of financial crises and political instability, debates over how to interpret and respond to our changing circumstances often circle back to the same fundamental questions: just how rational are people. Just what do “rationality” and “reasoned decision” mean? The Center for the Humanities commences a […]

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